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Grow your company while creating a culture of motivation & celebration. Using Social Bits by NextBee you can easily showcase your company, find the people you want to be on your team, and create a culture that people want to join.


Of start up companys underestimate the economic damage from weak recruiting.


Of an employee’s annual salary is the average cost of replacing a lost employee.


Of applicants drop out of the application process due to it being lengthy & “painful”

Create Teams & Build Loyalty

Use Social Bits by NextBee to find employees who thrive on the excitement that comes with being part of something new. There is a certain status that is associated with working for a startup because everyone knows you are a trail-blazer, an entrepreneur, and a pioneer. As you find these best-suited candidates you’ll grow a team that has reduced employee turnover, is a highly motivated and invested workforce community.

Find Passive Candidates

Recruiting top candidates who are not in the job market (known as “Passive Candidates”) is vital for any company but especially for startups. Why? Because Passive Candidates are likely to be 25 times more impactful than average hires. But, currently employed individuals are hard to recruit unless they are introduced and enticed to your company by people they know and trust. Social Bits lets you organically find and engage Passive Candidates alerting them to job openings that specifically fit them.

Effective Startup Employee Recruitment Starts with Proven Methods.

Hot-Openings Modules
Resume Upload & Banking Modules
Email & Social Job Sharing Modules
Incentivized Tracking & Feedback Modules

Easy to Setup & Flexible to Run

Easily define rules/goals and incorporate features to boost employee job referrals, reward and recognize top referrers, and track overall progress.

Boost Connections

Social & email connections make it easy for employees to connect with others and keeps them motivated with individual recognition.

Unlimited Rewards

Reward employees for their continued recruiting efforts by offering unlimited rewards including gift cards from nearly 200 vendor options.

Reduce Overhead with Commission Free Rewards

We never take a commission on rewards, which saves money, and when you implement our flexible redemption rules you can motivate users to redeem their rewards faster.

Boost Employee Referrals For Your Startup Company

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Align your company, your team, and your individual employees to foster a company culture that generates greater excellence.


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