OnDemand Hiring Agency Solution

Find the best employees for your On-demand hiring agency faster and cheaper when you quickly engage your current employee pool with easy to use and effective modules that make employees enjoy telling their networks about your brand.


Of employers rated employee referrals over all other candidate sources.


Of referred candidates hire faster vs. those sourced through job boards


Of employers reported that an employee referral is the #1 best source.

Quickly Source The Best Talent

A talented workforce knows talented people so by using our turnkey network referral platform you can quickly get the kind of people you’re looking for from your current pool of on-demand workers.

Increase Employee Placement Rates

Our system allows you to automatically send personalized reminders, track candidate sources, provide status updates on where referrals are in the process, and manage incentives. Agencies use Social Bits to streamline, automate and increase their placement rates.

Effective Employee Engagement Starts with Proven Methods.

Recognition & Communication Modules
Exclusive Employee Referral & Incentives Modules
Resume Upload and Resume Bank Modules
Referral & Advocacy Status Modules

Easy to Setup & Flexible to Run

Easily upload jobs, create rules, and incorporate features designed to boost employee referrals and track progress.

Reduce Placed Employee Churn

Referred employees stay with a company longer than other types of hires and because they were referred, they will likely share the placing agency faster with their networks. All of which helps with your reputation.

Unlimited Rewards

Reward your on-demand employees for their continued efforts by offering either in-house or 3rd party rewards through nearly 200 vendor options.

Reduce Overhead with Commission Free Rewards

Flexible redemption rules can motivate users to redeem rewards and since we never take a commission on rewards, you save even more money.

Boost Government Agency Employee Referrals & Advocacy

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Align your company, your team, and your individual employees to foster a company culture that generates greater excellence.


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