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The Social Bits platform by NextBee easily integrates where you need for success - CRM, Sales, Email, & Social Media.

Sales & Transactions Data
We integrate with the top companies Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and many more.
Email Data
We integrate with the top email service providers (ESP) such as Gmail, Zoho Mail, Mailchimp, etc.
Social & Website Data
We help you create actionable plans from the data you have from Facebook, Google Analytics, and more.

Sales & Transaction Data

Social Bits by NextBee is the solution that's been built for everyone. Get the most out of your data. Our solutions, unlike others on the market, don’t require a developer nor a data team on your end to make even the simplest of data transformations. Social Bits by NextBee does the heavy lifting for you while maintaining power and flexibility. We can uncover and help you work with the data to drive sales and increase transactions. A few of the eCommerce platforms we integrate with are:

Email Data

When it comes to email marketing, the more you understand what is working and what isn’t, the more likely you are to keep earning customer loyalty. As you work to seamlessly connect your brand with your customers, it is important not to send too many emails. How do you know what the right amount of email communication is? Social Bits by NextBee uses AI to help you determine the best way to time the messages you send to customers so you can more accurately target those already likely to buy, which greatly increases brand loyalty and connection.

A few of the Email Service Providers (ESPs) we integrate with are:

Social & Website Data

Social Bits by NextBee allows you to track website and social media metrics so you can optimize performance. Our data analysis will help you improve key metrics like traffic trending, optimal conversions rate timings, and find ways to capitalize on your webpage and social views, across all your sites. Social Bits will help you learn where users drop out of your funnels, or why certain traffic sources are declining, so you can take action right away.

We help you create actionable plans from the data you have from Facebook, Google Analytics, and more.

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