Personalize & Optimize Your Engagement Program

Gain deeper insights into what drives the engagement of your customers and what they are likely to do next through data. The heart of any effective review and feedback program.

Questions Our
AI Models Answer
For You

How much to offer as a Thank You gift?

Personalize thank you amounts across segments using predictive patterns

When should I incentivize?

Personalize incentive timing for greatest impact

What will motivate them most?

Find the most engaging activities for each reviewing/feedback provider segment.

For each job opening, how many referrals are expected?

High confidence predictive models make hiring easy

Which reviewers are likely to be the best for continued feedback?

Increase review success rates with similar reviewer data

What is the best messaging strategy?

Target users with messages they find most engaging

Which users will help others succeed?

Discover and encourage your best user to provide feedback/ideas to help everyone

Whose behavior changed recently?

Celebrate positive and identify negative changes quickly

What will a review & feedback program cost?

Multiply reviews & feedback while minimizing cost projections

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Our Promise-

30% Or More Engagement Boost with 25% or More Savings

Easily Manage Customer Experiences and Turn Your Happy Customers Into Brand Advocates That Are Invested In Your Success.


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