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Social Bits is the most flexible and easily scaled solution for customer review and feedback management.

Engagement Boosters

Influencer Marketing and customer engagement is more than creating a welcoming environment. You need to plan and implement proven strategies to get the desired results. Here are some top ways we help you easily get started faster.

Branded Mobile Applications

Engage customers and influencers anytime and anywhere with a Branded Mobile App that puts everything at their fingertips.

Idea & Content Modules

Create a stronger community and improve overall brand engagement when you tap into the ideas & user created content within your customer communities.


Personalize your content and rewards to be relevant based on the geographic location of your customers & influencers.

Profile Preference/Customization

Get maximum engagement by letting your users personalize and customize their profiles to their preferences.

Easily Manage Customer Experiences and Turn Your Happy Customers Into Brand Advocates That Are Invested In Your Success.


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